MIDI Velocity programming

MIDI Velocity Programming Instead of just placing MIDI notes to create melody or groove you can also use velocity to further add expression. By default MIDI velocity normally controls volume but you can get creative and take your programming up a level by getting velocity to control elements such as filters, envelopes or even effects for example. This is just one of many ways to add expression. My personal favourite is to assign velocity to filter cutoff, decay and drive so the harder a note is pressed the more aggressive and open the tone feels. 

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Fast work flow

Fast work flow One of my top tips for a fast work flow is to map out the arrangement early on. Build your key section, such as the groove (normally 8, 16 or 32 bars), and then map out your entire track. Working from left to right can be time consuming having to restart the track every time to hear if things work. By doing the arrangement early on you can focus on creativity, and work down instead, building lots of layers and having fun with sounds. After this stage it's fairly straight forward to palce the newly…

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